Artist Profiles

7 September 2018 – Club Night with Lu More, Anya Wiltschinsky & Scarlett Kirwan

The autumn season kicks off with a club night showcasing some of our local female talent.

Lu More, a hidden gem, will be emerging to show why she is regarded by some as having one of the best female voices ever to have graced our stage;

Anya Wiltschinsky come from local music royalty and makes a welcome return;

and young Scarlett Kirwan impressed us so much with her young potential that he just had to showcase her talent.

This will be a great opener!


14 September 2018 – Anthony John Clarke

Not only has he written four of the most popular songs on the folk scene – ‘The Only Life Gloria Knows’, ‘The Broken Years’, ‘Walking On Sunday’ and the immortal ‘Tuesday Night is Always Karaoke’, but he remains in essence the reason that folk clubs and festivals continue to thrive!

He is hilarious, serious, compassionate, irreverent, brave, challenging, and a proper guitarist with an instantly recognisable voice who, despite numerous attempts by Darth Vader to lure him to the dark side, remains one of the best and most engaging performers in the country.

A world travelled troubadour, the man is a lyrical feast with just a dash of Viking!

21 September 2018 – Jez Lowe

Jez Lowe has built an enviable reputation as a songwriter and performer in the world of acoustic music, and as a recognized musical ambassador for his native North East England, with more than a dozen albums and countless live performances around the world over the last twenty years.

Among those who have recorded their own versions of Lowe’s songs, are Fairport Convention, The Dubliners, The Tannahill Weavers, Cherish The Ladies, Gordon Bok, The Black Brothers, Liam Clancy and literally hundreds of others. Songs like BACK IN DURHAM GAOL, THE BERGEN, GREEK LIGHTNING and THESE COAL TOWN DAYS have generated scores of cover versions around the globe, and are now classics of their kind.


28 September 2018 – Michael Chapman

Michael Chapman has played our club many times over the years and we’re delighted to welcome back one of England’s foremost outsider songsters. With 35 albums to his name since 1969, this  self-styled old white blues guy from Yorkshire is one of the most under-rated heroes of our time and he’s still sounding as vital as any time since he started performing over 50 years ago!