Artist Profiles

10 January 2020 – FRANK CARLINE

Once gain our new year begins wth our local blues hero, Frank Carline. He’s has been playing professionally for over 30 years and has his own take on all things roots and blues. For many years, a Yorkshire Artist in Residence, he has forged a unique and personal style, with his vintage Framus guitars, playing slide, using open tunings and soulful harmonica playing. Frank will play a selection of tracks from his five albums, which includes ‘Promise and Betrayal’ released last year. We’re looking forward to this one!

17 January 2020 – BOB FOX

Durham-based Bob Fox is among the best-loved and hardest working singer / guitarists in Britain. His fine voice and his repertoire of traditional songs and contemporary material appeal to all ages.
Bob has been featured on national radio and television, won several awards, and was nominated by the BBC as Folk Singer Of The Year 2004.
‘The most complete male artist in English Folk’ (The Daily Telegraph)
‘One of the best voices in England’ (Ralph McTell).


Born and raised in Manchester, Michael Walsh grew up learning Sligo style flute playing from Marian Egan & Tony Ryan. He is a former All Britain Senior Flute Champion, playing across Europe and in the USA with traditional Irish bands and theatre productions.

He has recently released a solo album with Michael McGoldrick and Tom Wright with guests including Liz Hanks on cello, Kepa Junkera on accordions, Josep-Maria Ribelles from Catalunya on harp and Simon Bradley on fiddle.

Tonight he brings his exciting package to us in the form of his band, Quarehawk.


31 January 2020 – BLONDE ON BOB – ‘Nothin’ but Dylan’

Blonde On Bob are a 5 piece band from York, dedicated to celebrating the music of Bob Dylan. Their repertoire includes a whole range of Dylan compositions encompassing material recorded during his early folk music days, through the contribution he’s made to rock, country, blues and gospel music, right up to and including songs from his most recent albums.

The band line up feature Chris Euseden (vocals, guitar, harmonica, keyboards, accordion and mandolin), Johnny Hardcastle (guitars), Chris Swindells (bass), Elaine Wallace (fiddle) and Hugh Whittaker (drums).

In 2011, the double cd album ‘Younger Than That Now” a compilation of new interpretations of Dylan songs from various artists, recorded especially to mark Dylan’s 70th year, included tracks from Blonde On Bob. Amongst other contributors on the album were leading roots guitarist, Martin Simpson, folk diva, Christine Collister and Radio Two award winners, While and Matthews.

2020 marks the band’s 30th year together.